I would highly recommend a visit to Frances for advice on diet and nutrition. Not only was she reassuring and encouraging, she simplified what I’d always found to be a confusing and slightly daunting area… her advice and suggestions were realistic and easy to follow, while the results were super! Not only did my mood and energy levels improve greatly in a relatively short period time, her advice helped my waistline to return to where it was in my early 20′s (I’m 43!) Frances’ attention to detail and follow up advice is excellent and all for a very reasonable price.” – Fergus, Edinburgh



Testing  Regenerus Labs in the UK have enabled us practitioners to start using the Cyrex Lab panels for the best gluten testing around so this is going to be a fantastic addition to what we can offer clients.  The immune system reacts in so many different ways so food intolerance testing can be a bit hit and miss.  These test panels are going to be extremely valuable, not just for detecting gluten intolerance but for helping people with coeliac disease, autoimmune conditions and in a preventative capacity for those with a family history of such conditions.

Clinic I am now also working from Edinburgh & Glasgow Physio alongside Kirsten Lord and her busy team.  I am offering free 15 minute chats with people, so if you are interested in finding out if I can help you more, please contact me.

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“Since I last saw you and have implemented the guidelines that you gave me, the first thing I noticed within days was the increase in energy that I had. It feels incredible”        Dr PJ – Birmingham



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